Douglas Murray & Habs Management Exposed

Douglas Murray has played a total of 527 even strength minutes this season. and his plus/minus is (- 14).During that time the team has scored 9 goals (an average  of 58.5 minutes per goal scored) and allowed 23 goals (an average of  23 minutes per Goal allowed).

When Murray has played alongside  Nathan Beaulieu for a total of 70 minutes at even strength the team has scored 3 goals (average of 23.3 minutes per goal scored)  and have allowed only one goal ( an average of 70 minutes per GA )

Having Murray in the lineup, especially WITHOUT Beaulieu as his partner is, in my opinion, a HUGE mistake.

Murray had played 53 minutes alongside Tinordi, and during that time the team has scored one goal and allowed on goal against. Murray with Tinordi seems to be an acceptable pairing defensively, but they have to be almost perfect as they team is unlikely to score many goals while these two are on the ice together.

It makes one wonder how the team would do if Beaulieu and Tinordi  played WITHOUT Murray.

Just for comparison sake, the team, overall, scores on average one even strength goal every 33 minutes and allows one even strength goal every 28 minutes.

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Torterella – Funny Fella

Canuck’s  coach Torterella has recently returned from being suspended, by the league, for unacceptable and  ”unprofessional” conduct.

When will he be suspended, or dismissed, by the  Canucks for unacceptable, “unprofessional” and incompetent  coaching decisions?

Talk about a “poster boy” for incompetent ice time manaaement decisions.  Tort’s makes Therrien look like Scotty Bowman, Emile Francis,  Dick Irvin,  & Punch Imlach all rolled into one.

The Canucks have the third worst PP in the League this season, here’s why:

Player Forwards PP TOI PPGs scored (team total) when on ice MINs/per PPG scored  Success Percentage“batting” avg.
Higgins Success% (.022) 90 1 90  .022
Santorelli Success % (.029) 68 1 68  .029
TEAM TOTALSSuccess % (.143) 292 21 14  .143
Weise 4 1 4  .500
Richardson 5 1 5  .400
Welsh 1 1 1 1.000
Booth 23 3 7.5  .260
Sestito 8 2 4 .250
Dalpe 12 1 12  0.166


Player Defensemen PP TOI PPGs (team) when on ice MINs/per PPG scored  Success Percentage“batting” avg.


Bieksa 96 4 24 .083
Hamhuis 131 6 22 .091
Team Total: 292 21 14  .143
Edler 102 9 11 0.176
Weber 44 4 11 0.181
Tanev 13 1 13 0.153


How is it possible that the Canucks continue to allow this coach to make ice time management decisions?

What are the required credentials to be hired as a coach in the NHL?

If I were a fan of the Canucks, I would be standing outside the arena waving a poster demanding the administration make a change, immediately, if not sooner!


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Canucks Power Play in Disarray!

Now that coach Torterella is back from  his league imposed vacation is there any chance he will wake up and do something to fix the Canucks anemic PowerPlay?

Canucks  are averaging one goal scored every 14 minutes with the man advantage, third worse in the entire NHL.

One would think that improving the PowerPlay is a priority issue that would merit some careful consideration.

Living in the  east coast as I do and rarely getting to see the Vancouver Canucks play I decided to see if I could find a solution.

It took me twenty minutes, an internet connection and a calculator,  to discover an answer:

The Canucks have two players playing left wing on the current roster that have both been “on the ice” for 19 PP goals scored by their respective teams since 2011, the difference being that one of them has played 200 minutes more ice time with the man advantage  than the other.  

Player A  has been on the ice for a total of 134 minutes with the man advantage , and his team has scored 19 PP goals an average of  one PP goal scored every 7 minutes with him on the PP unit. 

Player B  has played 334 minutes of PP  TOI , with his team averaging one PP goal scored every  17.5 minutes when he has been on the ice.

If you haven’t figured it out yet player B is  Chris Higgins, an excellent 5 on 5 producer and a very effective penalty killer, who is having a very productive year in  5 on 5 situations but has NEVER had much PP success.

This season to date, Higgins has played no less than 90 minutes of TOI with the man advantage and the Canucks have scored  a grand total of ONE PP goal during those 90 minutes!

Player A is David Booth, in 22 minutes of PP TOI this season with Booth on the ice  the Canucks have scored 3 PP goals.

I find it quite curious that a person in position to manage the resources, and make decisions  of a multi-million dollar sports organization is incapable of doing , or having one of his assistants, do some basic analysis.

This is not rocket science, and I am not talking about “advanced” stats such as  Fenwick and Corsi for heaven’s sake, anyone with a computer and 20 minutes to spare could have discovered that Booth is a far  better option than Higgins for the PowerPlay unit.

Incredibly, if you Google the following  ”Canucks powerplay Higgins” the results  were numerous articles written on Jan 3rd that Torterella was toying with the idea of actually promoting Higgins to the number one PP unit.   

If I were a Canuck fan I would be up in arms that my team is paying a generous salary to a coach who thinks the  way to fix the power play is to give the least effective member of the power play unit MORE ice time with the man advantage. 

One PP goal in 90 minute with Higgins on the ice.  Can you imagine a team playing a full game and a half with an extra skater and only scoring one  goal? It would be safe to assume that they would be better off declining the penalties and playing 4 against 4!

Perhaps someone will manage to get this information to Torterella and/or Gillis in time for them to do something about it. If so,  please let them know where you got he info, I’m sure I would be happy to work for the team for a fraction of what Torterella and his assistants are  getting paid.

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Steve  O.

No Rhyme or Reason

No Rhyme or Reason

 While there is no question that Bournival on the wing is a MUCH better option than playing Eller with Plekanec and Gionta, However, it is NOT  the best option for the team.  Here’s why:

Bournival/Plekanec/Gionta have played together for 140 minutes at even strength , spread over 11 games. (games 9-16, 20, 30, 31)  and during that time the team scored 5 goals and gave up 6. The W-L record during those eleven games was      5(W)-4(L)- 2 (OTL) ,  good for 12 out of a possible 22 points.


Briere has also played together with Plekanec and Gionta for, parts of, 11 games.  They have  played togethe as a trio  for a total of 101 Minutes ( fewer minutes because Therrien frequently substituted Moen for Briere in the third periods). While this line (48/14/21) was on the ice, the team scored 8 goals and allowed only 1.

With Moen on the left wing the line of 32/14/21 have played together for 88 minutes and have been on for one goal socred and two gaols allowed.

The teams record during those games  when Briere lined up with Plekanec and Gionta, (games 22-29 & 43-45) was 8(W)- 1(L) -2 (OTL), good for 18 of a possible 22 points.

Talk about changing lines for no reason at all.

It is, or should be, obvious to anyone paying attention that Therrien is incapable of creating an effective line-up and sticking with it.

How can a team develop chemistry when they are constantly going into battle while trying to adapt to new line mates.

Its kind of like speed- dating,  NHL version

If I were a player’s agent I would NOT recommend that any of my players sign a contract to play under this coach.

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Left Wing Recycle

There have been no fewer than 8 different members of the Montreal Canadiens who have lined up on the left wing  alongside Thomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta this season.

Here is a breakdown: (even strength situations only)

Player:              Time on ice :   Goals scored : Goals allowed: 

  1. Bournival;      140 mins  :                    5     :         6
  2. Briere:              101 mins :                     8    ;         1
  3. Bourque:          88 mins  :                    1    :          0
  4. Galkchenyuk:   88 mins:                    2   :           5    
  5. Moen:                   81  mins:                  1   :           2
  6. Eller:                     55 mins                      1  :            4   
  7. Prust:                  42 mins   :                  2   :           2
  8. Pacioretty:       39 mins  :                  1   :          1 

Is it any wonder why knowledgeable hockey fans in Montreal are question the competence of Coach Michel Therrien?

Changing lines is one thing, but Therrien has taken to to the extreme. Daniel Briere has been on the ice for 17 even strength goals the entire season in 446 minutes of ice time. An average of one goal scored every 26 minutes.  When playing left wing with  Plekanec and Gionta the team has scored a goal every 12.5 minutes.      ( 8 GF in 101 mins). When Briere has played with any other players the tea,m has scored 9 goals in 345 minutes , an average of  one goal scored every 38 minutes.

Defensively Briere is on the ice for an average of one goal against every  21 minutes.  When playing with Plekanec and Gionta one goal against in 101 minutes, when playing with any other players 20 Goals allowed in 345 minutes , an average of one  goal every 17 minutes.

In essence ,  what we are witnessing is an incompetent coach who is scrambling his lines so frequently that he doesn’t seem to remember which combinations were actually producing. 

It must be very frustrating for a player like Plekanec, not to mention Briere, who is constantly in the coaches dog house for not producing., to be  continuously lined up with different team mates.

Anyone care to guess why Eller played on Plekanec’s wing the last few games……..On Jan 16th against Ottawa, when Therrien was doing his usual mid game line shuffling he happened to  put Eller on the wing  with Plekanec and Gionta.  Plekanec scored a goal to tie the game 4-4 in the third period. It seems as if Therrien figured that he found the golden combination because for the next 4 games he played Eller on the wing with Plekanec and Gionta while playing Briere at center on a different line.

To summarize Briere played 101 minutes with  Plekanec and Gionta, they produced  8 goals and the line was split up and never reunited. Eller plays a couple of shifts , the  line happens to score a goal and because of that the he takes Eller away from his natural center position to play on the wing , while playing Briere at center in Eller’s place.  Anyone watching could see that Eller was not comfortable on the wing, yet Therrien stuck with them through a  4 game losing streak,  until finally putting Eller back at center for the game against the Hurricanes.

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Update: Over  Super Bowl weekend, with Bournival out of the lineup on Saturday, Therrien started off by playing Moen with Plekanec and Gionta, after being shut out through two periods Briere was re-inserted on the line and he scored the team’s only goal on his 4th shift.

On Sunday versus Winnipeg, with Bournival back in the lineup, Therrien kept the Briere,  Plekanec and Gionta line together for the entire game! Gionta  scored the Hab’s only goal, but it was on a 4 on 4 situation with Briere on the bench.